The Four Core Shooting Fundamentals

Have you ever watched a basketball game on T.V or at the park, and witnessed a shot so terrible you wonder how they learned it? I know i have, and i always wonder where does one pick up bad shooting fundamentals. I tend to think it wasn’t taught or it was a neglected in favor of the AND1 moves used to get plenty of “wows”, but no real use in a real game.
While I know having a shot like Kobe or Ray Allen just doesn’t happen over night(or not at all for that matter), but with the correct information and a little dedication you can be pretty consistent. In this post I’m going to be going over the Four core Shooting Fundamentals that can help you be a better and more consistent shooter, so when it comes time to play and your open you can knock it down every time.

Now as you all know reading about something and actually doing it are two completely different things. This wont make you a superstar overnight and at times you may feel it doesn’t work for you, but i promise if you stick with it and follow the directions religiously you will start to see a better flow to your shot. People always notice who a good shooter is by his form, and with you will always be able to play.


This is also known as the “L” form because your shooting arm is in the shape of an “L”. To practice this you first must have:

A. Your feet parallel and raise your shooting arm to a horizontal position(do not slant or sway any way keep it level)

B. You must form an “L” with your arm.

C. Make a cup with your hand so that you will learn not to touch the ball your palm.

L form

(You should practice this drill without a ball 10-25 times to get comfortable)


This drill is used to teach you the proper position of your hands on the basketball. Like the “L” position you use a letter position “T”.

A. You first position your left arm so that the thumb of  your shooting hand touches the palm of you guide hand(this should make a “T” where your thumb and palm touch)

T form

(one more tip:never have your guide hand on the top or the or the bottom of the ball, doing this can result in you pulling the ball causing it to go another direction)


This is also a short but very important fundamental when shooting a basketball. When you are going to shoot, pass or dribble the ball, the basketball should never touch the palm of your hand. It should be your finger tips that touch the ball, this promotes a better feel which can translate to better control.


This next fundamental is used to help you develop a habit of holding and shooting the ball from the shooting pocket. Your shooting pocket is above your shoulder and to the right side of your ear, opposite if your left handed. Doing this allows you to be a faster player by reducing the time it takes you to shoot by being ready to shoot. The only time you wouldn’t use this is if a defender is within an arms length away or if your posting up. Having the the ability to shoot out of the triple threat with this would make you a dangerous player.

The Great Larry Birds shooting pocket

The Great Larry Birds shooting pocket

Now if you have these shooting fundamentals in your head and consistently use them while you shoot your accuracy will skyrocket which means more recognition,more playing time, and more confidence. What are you waiting for go practice.