Terrence Ross ties Raptors franchise record with 51 points!

Terrence Ross ties Raptors franchise record with 51 points!

Take a minute plus soak inside a great performance by Terrence Ross because he ties Vince Carter’s 51 point franchise record!! About the NBA: The NBA is the premier…

Top 10 NBA Plays: January 8th

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50 thoughts on “Terrence Ross ties Raptors franchise record with 51 points!

  1. I like to see stuff like this. Shows that the NBA is a lot about confidence
    because a lot of player’s abilities surpasses their production. Hopefully
    he builds off of it and the coach encourages him to score more. 

  2. This Was So Random. As A Huge Clippers Fan Myself. I Was Really Hoping That
    He Would Pass Vince Carter On That Last Free Throw. 22 Years Old And
    Averages what 9.9? Lol This Was Really Random.

  3. On his way to becoming the next PG. Playing behind a star player then
    finally gets his opportunity and is shining. They kinda have the same game,
    rely on their jumpers and amazing catch and shoot players.

  4. You shitting me? You show the lillard block but you don’t show the batum
    block that happened LITERALLY SECONDS after?

  5. 1. harden traveled.
    2. sad to count down vince carter’s final dunks of his career
    3. green is one-dimensional
    4. harden traveled.

  6. Ok yes all these plays were great plays but HOW THE FUCK IS THAT BLOCK AT
    NUMBER 9?! I jumped out of my seat for that block more than Blake Griffin’s
    dunk (which still deserved to be the number 1 play regardless)

  7. D-Wade does the 2 step/eurostep. Harden travels. That’s not just this play,
    but just about every time. They have very different ways of doing it. Wade
    does it right, Harden does it so stiff, like he doesn’t know what he’s
    doing. And that was not a fucking gather step.

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