Rajon Rondo`s BIG Night

Relive the historic night for Rajon Rondo through the words of his teammates, his coach and his opponents. Visit http://www.nba.com/video for more highlights.
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50 thoughts on “Rajon Rondo`s BIG Night

  1. Haven’t watched the actual game but I was expected stats somewhere near
    20pts, 12asts, 8rebs. When I heard 44pts, 10asts, 8rebs… just wow.

  2. Rondo is one of the best point guards in nba , but he is the best when
    playoffs come, averaging almost a triple double , a Jason Kidd like stats

  3. Boston were old and tired, and were luckyto win3 games in the series.
    Remember we didn’t even have Chris Bosh or a healthy Wade.. You’re
    clutching at straws. But if it makes you feel better go nuts. I cbf

  4. Bibby was an above average player his whole career but never elite, Ben
    gordon had one great series in the playoffs a few years back and i havnt
    heard his name much sense. They both warrant respect and i respect both but
    you cannot compare them to Rondo hes just a winner. Being famous doesnt
    affect how overrated or underated someone is.

  5. What’s the point of your comment? Rondo hasnt ever played with Jason Terry
    in the playoffs, idiot. Also, last year’s Clipper team was hyped to be
    contenders and what not but was ousted in the first round. CP3 had Blake
    Griffin, who many think is a better player than any of the 3 players you
    mentioned right now. Not only that, but everyone was gushing about how deep
    that Clipper team is. So the ‘CP3 NEVER HAD A GOOD SUPPORTING CAST!’ is BS.
    It’s obvious you’re just a hater, just say it lol.

  6. Derrick fisher > rondo since he has more rings? Retard logic 101. FYI,
    winning a ring is a team accomplishment, not an individual accomplishment.

  7. Did Barkley and Pippen say lebron is greater than MJ? Oh yes they did.
    “”Rajon Rondo is the best all around point guard in the NBA. Deron Williams
    is the best point guard, but Rondo is the best all around.” ” He did say
    DWill is the best PG. You’re an idiot, just die.

  8. I always laugh at these idiot celtic fans who keep saying hey they’re too
    old. Look at there playoff history every season, nba champs, ECF(no KG),
    NBA finals, Semis(to heat who went on to finals), ECF(lost to eventual
    champs). For a team that is “old”, HOLY SHIT. It’s clear that you’re just
    watching the celtics now. It’s okay little boy. Huh wtf kind of dumb
    analogy is that? If he played with people from a different period, would he
    have the same production but wait they’re old? Rondo 4th man.

  9. then!! did magic johnson ever said fisher or paul is the best PG in the
    nba?? i don’t think so!! and you call me idiot?? it’s DEREK FISHER not

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