Harrison Barnes: Best of Dunks

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50 thoughts on “Harrison Barnes: Best of Dunks

  1. Yo know who could have been nice to see. A Reggie Jackson, the guy has
    bounce. Just as good or a better dunks than Lillard. 

  2. I just don’t see him pulling off as many unique and flexible dunks as the
    other guys.. he’s more of a power dunker in my opinion

  3. This dunk contest would be the best of the millennium if it had Deandre
    Jordan instead of Mclemore, Lebron instead of Barnes (even though Barnes
    isn’t too bad), and Gerald Green for Damian Lillard. 

  4. Why do people in here want to see Deandre Jordan in the dunk contest? The
    man is a 7 footer, its not a pretty sight to see a 7 footer competing in
    the dunk contest. The way Deandre lands after his dunks, sooner or later
    he will break his left leg..lol

  5. Why hasnt LeBron entered? oh thats

  6. Ben McLemore is underrated. He has a crazy vertical and I think he will be
    the surprise to win it all in the Dunk Contest. 

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