25 thoughts on “2013 Summer League Championship Game MVP: Ian Clark

  1. I mean their playing skills, stats and domination is in a league way above
    duncan. Not the actual league itself haha.

  2. I haven’t quite looked into the lineups for the teams that Dr.J played for
    , but for is style of play, i’d have in the small forward position and ill
    have the front court looking like this SF: Bird > LBJ > DR.J > Elgin Baylor
    PF: Duncan > Malone > Barkley >Dirk C: Russel > Kareem > Wilt > Shaq I’d
    actually put Isaiha ahead of Cousy jsut cause his championship pursuit
    looked so heroic but i still recognize Cousy as a great winner. Durrant has
    more to prove and Marion, ehh…

  3. Of course, but these guys are definitely showing some promise. Plus that
    line up of Curry Iggy DLee and Thompson is just awesome.

  4. idk if pippen could win a championship as the main player tho, wade showed
    that he could do it both ways with 06 and then with lebron. magic better

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