Increase Your Vertical Jump With The Portable Power Jumper

I personally use this to increase my vertical and become my lower body workout. Plain and simple it works. I havent measured my vertical but i can tell you, im 5’10 and i could only touch the bottom of the backboard. After about two weeks i was up to the bottom of the rim. It wasnt easy but if you put in the work you get results. I have the product on my amazon widget to the right. IT WORKS…..

Nov 23, Lifeline USA Portable Power Jumper Review – Evolutionary


Nov 23, Lifeline USA Portable Power Jumper Review. The Lifeline USA Portable Power Jumper is one versatile and effective training device. Its unique design can and will add a whole new level to your vertical jump training.

Jon Hinds LifelineUSA Portable Power Jumper testimonials.flv

Jon Hinds, owner and founder of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium, invented the Portable Power Jumper for LifelineUSA. In Monkey Bar Gym’s summer basketball training …